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Getting Started

The EFT Approach to Pain Management - It Often Works Where Nothing Else Will.

No Pills, Radiation, Surgeries, etc. image
No Pills, Radiation,
Surgeries, etc.

Newcomers are often astonished at how quickly pain can subside with EFT.  No pills, radiation, surgeries, etc. are required. Rather, we make the assumption that a contributing factor to your pain, if not the main cause, is one or more emotional or energetic imbalances within your system. You will see that clearly in the video sessions included with this course.  For example:

  • Tricia had constant chronic pain (headaches, neck and back) for many years as a result of an auto accident.  All this subsided with EFT.
  • Anne's pains were so severe that she had to take Fentanyl, a potentially lethal pain reliever that is 100 times more potent than morphine.  After EFT, she no longer needs it.

Unfortunately, this energetic/emotional cause has been largely side-stepped by the healing professions because, until now, effective natural remedies have eluded them.  Fortunately, this is all ready made for EFT and, as a result, EFT often gets results where nothing else will.

The EFT Logic is Compelling

The logic behind the EFT approach is compelling.because we are finally adding an effective remedy for a cause that has been clearly acknowledged by the healing professions.  Medicine, for example, has long known that emotional issues can contribute dramatically to body chemistry and thus to the body's health.  To simplify, love creates a flood of positive, healing chemicals whereas hate, anger, fear and trauma turns that chemistry in the opposite direction. This negative chemistry, in turn, puts a burden on both the body's organs and the immune system thereby propelling us headlong toward disease and pain.

EFT Tapping Pain Free image
EFT, properly done,
can bring welcome relief.

Stress and Anxiety Are Known Causes of Ailments and Pain

Peruse the large medical websites and you will frequently see terms like "stress" or "anxiety" listed as causes for many ailments.  The remedial advice, generally, is to relax, quit your job, take a vacation, etc.  While these suggestions may be therapeutic, they are much easier said than done and tend to have only temporary benefits.  EFT, properly done, can bring welcome relief to even the most severe chronic pain and you don't need to quit your job to achieve this.  While there are no guarantees, of course, we have multitudes of reports where EFT has brought soothing relief.  This course will take you step-by-step on that journey and give you a lifetime tool for not only your pain but your emotional well being as well.

For some, relief happens rapidly and is permanent.  For others, it won't happen at all if you don't apply EFT with appropriate diligence. I'm not giving you a magic potion here where one application rids you of all pain for eternity (although that DOES happen on a few occasions). Rather, I'm giving you a powerful process (used successfully by thousands) that aims you at an ever expanding sense of personal peace. This can lead not only to pain relief but also to freedom from addictions, better relationships, fewer negative emotions and better health as well as more smiles, love and happy times. That's far more than you asked for and should give you plenty of motivation to proceed.

This is not to suggest that you ignore your physicians' advice.  To the contrary, EFT Tapping can be a lot more powerful than it first appears and should be used with your physicians' full knowledge.  Further, no medications or other medical procedures should be discontinued without thorough consultation with your qualified health practitioner(s) ... even if you are convinced they are no longer needed.

e-hugs, Gary

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