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About These Nancy Sessions

Nancy's former belief: "I'm bad at the core."

EFT Tapping Nancy Before image
Nancy Before

Here is where you learn EFT at its highest levels.  These "in the trenches" videos put EFT to the test and display for you the artistic use of in-depth approaches.  They start with what seems to be a routine grief issue where, of course, resolution is expected within an EFT session or two.

But such was not the case.  Underlying Nancy's intense grief was a pervasive foundation of guilt and, underlying that, was an entire childhood of abuse at the hands of a bi-polar mother.  A rainbow of emotions such as anger, rage, fear and constant self flagellation was the natural result. She even harbored the firmly held belief that she was "Bad at the Core."  Everything, it turns out, was interrelated and thus carving out grief from this potpourri of issues was impossible.  It ALL had to be addressed before any of it could be properly resolved.

EFT Tapping Nancy Image
Nancy After

I recorded all of our Skype sessions and they are provided here from beginning to end.  They are loaded with insights and sophisticated uses of EFT and they rival even the best reality TV shows.  While it is expected that the highest interest in this series will be from professionals and serious EFT students, there are plenty of learning possibilities for newcomers and those who have similar issues.  Though not required, a working knowledge of our Gold Standard EFT Tutorial is a useful prerequisite.

We owe Nancy major Gratitude for sharing her story with us.

e-hugs, Gary

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