EFT Specialty Demos: Childhood Issues & Self Confidence


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Getting Started

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Wouldn't it be nice to venture back in time to our childhood and resolve all those rejections, hurts, fears, guilts and traumatic events that drain away our self-confidence? 

I mean those years were soooo impressionable that they built the foundation for what we think about ourselves.  Being shamed, ridiculed, bullied and/or abused leaves their marks on our psyches and replay themselves over the years ... often seeking reinforcement of our "inadequate selves."

The cycle:

It's quite a cycle.  We may feel inadequate for something we tried at age 5 and then, each time we "fail" again, we build a "sure enough -- I did it again" blow to our self-confidence.  This goes on for decades and limits us in many ways.  We become shy.  We don't try new things.  We don't get that promotion because our "not good enough" mantra keeps playing in the background.  And we self sabotage ourselves frequently because "we don't deserve" to move forward in business, relationships, education, etc.

This is expensive ... VERY expensive ... and in more ways than just financially.

The solution:

That's the bad news.  The good news is that we CAN go back in time to our childhood and resolve all those self-confidence draining events.  With EFT we can clean the slate and  move forward with a new freedom about ourselves that was previously un-imaginable.  Properly done, your "I CAN'Ts" will turn into "I DIDs" and your inner rose will finally bloom.

But it won't be done in one session.  Many of us have suffered numerous kicks to our self-confidence shins and so we have a bit of work to do to resolve them. But each time EFT successfully knock one of those legs out from under our low-self-confidence table top, we are that much closer to collapsing enough of those legs so that the table top falls.  And with each success we have created a small freedom ... and those small freedoms can add up in a hurry.  See From the Writing on Our Walls to Table Tops for an in-depth coverage of this useful metaphor.

To help with this I am creating a series of actual sessions that demo the skillful use of EFT for childhood issues.  They are professionally done and contain all or most of the top-level EFT procedures.  They may not mirror your exact circumstances (no two people have identical experiences) but many of them are likely to be close.  Thus they can act as models for your own EFT sessions ... AND ... I have integrated them with "tap along" alerts so you can use our Borrowing Benefits (Easy EFT) while you watch and learn.

More help:

For your convenience, the Borrowing Benefits (Easy EFT) instructions as well as links to the aforementioned videos are included in the menu at the upper left portion of this page.

You can also combine these videos with our popular EFT Personal Peace Procedure to move yourself along this path with efficiency.

So...let's get to those videos.

Cheers, Gary

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