Donna Eden, EFT endorser

EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school.

Donna Eden

Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology.

Are You Riding the EFT Bicycle?

When I first brought EFT to the public in 1995, its results were often astonishing and soon got the attention of a worldwide audience.  Pains subsided and emotions were relieved, often in minutes, and without the use of drugs, surgeries or other invasive procedures.

The EFT Bicycle:

It was as though I had introduced a bicycle to a therapy population that had spent decades walking from issue to issue.  By contrast, this bicycle was a Godsend ... the therapeutic invention of the century.  It was faster, more convenient, more efficient, more economical and it often worked where nothing else would.  All Hail EFT! was the outcry often heard from devotees.

Advancements - The EFT Automobile:

But, at this stage, no one knew about the advancements to come.  We were all so enthused about the bicycle that we were unaware that improvements would soon bring us an "EFT Automobile" that was far faster and more efficient than our revered bicycle.

So then came the improvements:  First there was the understanding of  Aspects and the proper Testing of our work.  Then came Specific Events, Detective Work, Chasing the Pain, The EFT Success Strategy, The Tearless Trauma Technique, The Writing on Our Walls, Reframing, Rambling Language and a long list of other procedures to add depth,quality and longevity to our results.  For those who have immersed themselves in these essential quality procedures, the reward has been monumental.

But something else happened along the way to derail many EFTers from this quality path.  There was such a fascination for the EFT Bicycle that many people chose to "improve the bicycle" rather than learn the new driving skills required to properly operate the EFT Automobile.

EFT Bicycle Accessories: 

So a nearly endless stream of bicycle accessories were devised and promoted on the internet as the latest and greatest EFT innovations.  Some put on fenders while others added gears and different spokes.  Also adorning the bicycle were bells, horns, reflectors, lights, baskets and different paint jobs.

But, despite all these efforts, the EFT Bicycle is still a bicycle.  It may be a bit prettier and the ride somewhat smoother.  But you still have to pedal it and, if you use it to travel from San Francisco to New York, its limitations would soon be obvious.

Where Are You?: 

So where are you in this regard?  Are you humming along in the EFT Automobile (Gold Standard EFT) or are you riding the EFT Bicycle?  Better stated, are you exploring the Specific Events & Aspects that underlie your issues and thoroughly Testing each piece (EFT Automobile) ... OR ... are you using global approaches, brief youtube videos, tapping scripts, "The Tapping Solution," "Faster EFT," "Clinical EFT," or "I choose" phrases (EFT Bicycles)?

Both are available to you.  The EFT Bicycle is easier to learn but its limits will often lead you into dead ends.  The EFT Automobile will take more diligence to master but will open many more doors.  Your choice, of course.

The EFT Airplanes: 

As the EFT Automobile continues to be refined (see $25,000 Reward for True EFT Innovations), we will eventually graduate to EFT Airplanes.  This is where we launch off of our previous skills and head skyward into the Healing Heavens.  It is where conventional healing procedures become obsolete and where love and spirituality become the central healing forces.

It is an exquisite path and you will see it unfold on our website. Those riding the EFT Automobile will make an easy transition.  Those riding the EFT Bicycle may have to pedal furiously to catch up and, perhaps, never get there.

How good do you want to be?

e-hugs, Gary